The College is investing in two new courses which are designed to enhance the student in their individual criteria.
Two new Academies are being introduced from September 2021:

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Academy offers pupils specialist training in the Arts alongside traditional GCSEs in Drama or Music. It aims to develop the whole performer through immersive activities that are bespoke to the individual student such as masterclasses delivered by in-house and external practitioners, workshops, and performance opportunities providing students with all the skills to become an outstanding performer.


Junior Sports Academy

Llandovery College offers the opportunity to choose Sport as part of the GCSE programme.

Llandovery College has created a bespoke Junior Sports Academy Programme to nurture dedicated athletes and provide students with continued development in their chosen sport from grass roots to elite player level. Available to students from Year 9 until they reach Year 11 it forms part of the available GCSE options giving students the opportunity to develop their sporting strength and passion.