The Junior Performing Arts Academy offers students specialist training in the Arts alongside traditional GCSEs in Drama and Music. It develops the ‘whole performer’ through immersive activities that are tailored to the individual student such as masterclasses, workshops and performance opportunities.

The bespoke and individual Performing Arts Academy is the perfect opportunity for students who are interested in the Arts and wish to enrich their Drama or Music studies through extra, more specialist activities. It is for students who feel studying the Arts will help them gain confidence and prepare them for future careers and also for those who just love to perform!

Activities include:

  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops
  • Talks by visiting professionals
  • Showcase performances
  • Trips, tours and visits


Acting also includes: community performances, technical theatre, dance, theatre visits and backstage tours
Music also includes: musical theatre, workshops with performers and composers and concert trips


LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art)

Many students at the College choose to enrich their studies through the study of LAMDA qualifications which are taught by specialist staff with first class industry experience.

Exams are offered in subjects as diverse as: Public Speaking, Acting, Devising Drama, Musical Theatre and even Mime. Students can choose to work singly, in pairs or in small groups. The skills learnt support our Students in valuable areas such as organising information and presenting it and themselves, confidently in lessons, assemblies, interviews, university courses and eventually the workplace.

Countless students have benefitted from the skills, knowledge and self-assurance provided by LAMDA qualifications and they are a much valued part of
College life.

Co-curricular Activities

Our extensive Co-curricular Programme which takes place after school creates further opportunities for students’ talents to blossom. An outstanding programme is not about filling time or ‘keeping people busy’, but more about creating enriching experiences that ignite a spark, nurture a quiet confidence, build resilience and provide the bedrock of future achievement.

Staff are committed to providing exciting opportunities that engage our students and challenge body and mind in exploring the unknown.

Activities offered cover a broad range, from those that are linked to the Performing Arts such as musical ensembles, Dance, Debating Society and Drama Society; to an extensive range of sport activities; to those that provide something completely new and challenging, such as Chess Club, Marine Science and the Combined Cadet Force.

These afford students the chance to explore activities that lie outside their comfort zone and discover new passions. The energy of our programme is inspiring, the approach inclusive and the emphasis is on enjoying life and seizing what it has to offer.


Music, Drama and Performing Arts Scholarship


Available for entry into Years 7, 9 and 12

Music, Drama and Performing Arts Scholarship is available to those students displaying significant aptitude in their chosen field. Gifted and committed performers in dance, music or drama and those with excellent musical potential, talent and promise are able to apply for a scholarship.

Please contact us to discuss the scholarship available on 01550 723005 or