At Llandovery College we see the enormous benefits of a caring and supportive House system and every pupil, whether they are day or boarding, belongs to a House. To foster the strong community and family feel of the school we have a vertical House system where Senior School pupils are grouped together from Year 9 through to Year 13, rather than solely in Year groups.This more traditional House system provides greater opportunities for inter-House competitions, leadership and mentoring as well as giving pupils the chance to stay in one House throughout their time at College. The House is a place where exceptional care is provided, young people can grow in confidence and a great deal of fun can be had.

The House system promotes a strong sense of belonging and loyalty, giving all pupils a point of reference and a focus for deep bonds of friendship. Each House has a team of tutors to manage and support pupils on a daily basis, led by the Housemaster or Housemistress who has lead oversight of the academic and pastoral progress of all the pupils in his or her care.

It is within the Houses that the vitality and vibrancy of the life of the College is found. House competitions develop loyalty and a sharper edge, and pupils compete in an eclectic range of competitions and events giving all pupils an opportunity to ‘have a go’ at activities and sports that would normally be outside their comfort zone.

  • Before I came to Llandovery, I was worried about boarding as it was the first time I had stayed away from home, but I loved it! There is a real sense of community and family across the school and in the boarding house and everyone supports each other.
  • I started boarding at Llandovery in Year 12 and I was blown away by how welcoming and friendly everyone was! It’s like a family here and because the school is so small, it’s easy to get to know everyone very quickly.

Boarding Staff


Johanna Edwards

As Assistant Warden, Pastoral I am immensely proud of the high level of pastoral care our students receive within the College which incorporates both our highly dedicated, caring and committed boarding staff and our knowledgeable, supportive and empathetic Heads of House. All students within the College are part of one of five College houses each consisting of a Head of house and a team of tutors who are always available to you and your child.

Claire Smith

As Housemistress of the girls’ boarding house, Tŷ Llanofer, I am responsible for girls who are boarders. We are a close and very friendly house spending a lot of time together whether that is having movie night, pamper night, time in the gym or just general chats with a cup of tea and biscuits. I am supported by a strong team and there is always a member of staff during the evenings and weekends should anyone require any help, support or advice.
Boarding at Llandovery College

Tomos Jones

As a longstanding Housemaster at Llandovery College the boys in Tŷ Cadog are under the principal care of myself and I am ably supported by an experienced team of House staff. In addition to being Housemaster of Tŷ Cadog I am a passionate teacher of Business and Economics. Melina my wife (also a teacher), daughter Lucy and I invite the boys in Tŷ Cadog to be part of our extended family and embrace the values of pride in themselves and care for others that form the core ethos of our House.
Boarding at Llandovery College

James Bremner

The boys in Tŷ Dewi (Junior Boys) and Level Crossing (Senior Boys) are under the principle care of myself and I am ably supported by a team of House staff. We support and encourage the range of talents that students bring to the House and we expect our boys to take their studies seriously, to be high achievers and participate in everything the College has to offer. I live at College with my wife and our son, Bobby and, as the Staff Sergeant Instructor, I also lead the Combined Cadet Force.