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Boarding Houses

As a boarder your child will be supported by a caring, experienced team. We believe that the full boarding experience brings to each pupil a unique opportunity to explore their talents and develop within a caring and supportive community. Learning to live together is a valuable skill. The boarding setting is also a hive for forming new friendships, many of which will last a lifetime. Warm pastoral care, respect and compassion are at the core of the College ethos and this is most conspicuous in our Boarding Houses.

Led by experienced Housemasters, Mistresses and Tutor teams - and a Medical Centre on site - boarding offers a home from home atmosphere and a support network that can help pupils develop in all aspects of their education. Most significantly, boarding allows pupils to access academic support in the evenings and many thrive under closer supervision and encouragement. Boarding is also great fun, with evening and weekend activities enriching the experience and deepening bonds of friendship and loyalty.

Boarding allows us the maximum contact time with every boy and girl. The partnership established between each child, their family and the school is one which enables academic progress and pastoral growth.

Ty Cadog

Senior Boys - Years 12 and 13

Ty Dewi

Junior Boys  - Years 7 to 11

Senior Boys - Years 12 and 13

Ty Llanofer

Junior and Senior Girls – Years 7 to 13

Ty Hansen

Sixth Form Girls – Years 12 and 13