Junior Sports Academy

For students interested in entry September 2023, Llandovery College offers the opportunity to choose Sport as part of the GCSE programme.

Llandovery College has created a bespoke Junior Sports Academy Programme to nurture dedicated athletes and provide students with continued development in their chosen sport from grass roots to elite player level. Available to students from Year 9 until they reach Year 11 it forms part of the available GCSE options giving students the opportunity to develop their sporting strength and passion.

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The Junior Sports Academy Programme provides keen athletes with high quality coaching, strength and conditioning and skills development. The programme is designed to develop the athletic potential of the individual and Academy members develop transferable physical attributes, fundamental skills, strategies and tactics. Students also build a growth mindset along with an active and healthy approach to life.

The Llandovery College Junior Sports Academy Programme is the ideal preparation for selection into the U15 Mynydd Mawr & Dinefwr District followed by progression into Regional teams.

Along with developing skills in their chosen sport, the Junior Sports Academy also instils the core fundamental knowledge required to prepare students for the Llandovery College Elite Rugby Programme. Within the programme students learn:

  • Preparing to perform – the fundamental key practices that maximise every session and match
  • Gym protocols to ensure that each session is performed safely
  • How to lift weights safely and correctly
  • Running mechanics – how to move efficiently with speed and power
  • Nutrition education – the importance of having the correct diet
  • Education on recovery methods
  • The importance of using analysis to maximise learnings
  • Skillset induction – the importance of core skills and how they lead towards matches

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4 March, 2023    


Llandovery College
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