June 11, 2020
June 11, 2020


Former Head Boy

From my first time entering the gates of Llandovery College to my very last time leaving, the College has always felt welcoming. As I was the only one from my school to go to Llandovery College, I naturally felt reserved leaving my old life behind to start a new one at the College. However, the College made me feel welcome and a part of them.

During my time as Head Boy I always described Boarding Houses as big families and, to this day, I still believe this is accurate. From the very beginning you start to bond and build friendships and at the end you are left with friends for life.

One of my fondest memories of Llandovery College is pre-season rugby training. This is where the very first friendships were made, even though we had to endure hard fitness sessions to prepare us for the upcoming season. Being part of the Rugby Team at the College led me to some of my favourite memories, be it the 7s tournament in France, or earning my red socks when playing against Millfield. One of my favourite memories during my two years at the College is when I went to New Zealand for a rugby exchange. I spent three months there and, not only did I become a better rugby player, I also became friends with some truly great guys.

During my second year at the College I focused on my final year exams and my duties as Head Boy. Thanks to the support of my teachers and the help they gave me, I truly prepared for my exams and I have been able to go into my exams confidently and feeling ready to take them on. During my final year as Head Boy, I was given a few duties I fulfilled throughout the College and these personally helped me develop. One of the duties I enjoyed the most was going with the other Heads of School to the Prep School on a Thursday morning to help with their assembly. It was lovely to be able to help out and see the young Prep pupils enjoying their time at the College.

Overall, Llandovery College led me to think bigger and helped me improve myself to become the person I am today. For a person who thought they were going to go straight into the world of work after College and now has a guaranteed university place, I am honoured to say I went to Llandovery College.