Music, Drama and Art play an important role in developing confidence and self-esteem and Llandovery Prep School endeavours to nurture a lifelong love and appreciation of creative performance and culture.

The School has a long and proud tradition of creativity and performance, providing each pupil, regardless of age or standard, with the encouragement to break free of their own sometimes self-imposed limits and do something extraordinary. Every pupil is engaged as a means of developing imagination, expressiveness and confidence as well as for the sheer thrill and enjoyment of creating and performing.

Our pupils have many opportunities to develop their passions through instrumental lessons, the Choir, Drama Club, Zumba dance, LAMDA Speech and Drama and a variety of art clubs and activities.


The Prep Choir practises regularly and performs at school concerts, musical extravaganzas, festivals and competitions such as the Urdd.

Musical Showcases are held regularly in smaller venues allowing pupils the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, parents, family and friends in a comfortable environment.

The Prep Band rehearse on a weekly basis, providing an excellent opportunity for pupils to hone their performing skills. At Llandovery College music is valued and the great Welsh tradition of music – making thrives.



With a dedicated on-site theatre, active drama clubs, encouragement, direction and regular performances, drama comes alive in Llandovery College. Every pupil is encouraged to join in the creative participation of drama productions and learning is focused on providing a platform for pupils to be creative and perform in a supportive environment.

Whether it is taking part in the Christmas Nativity or the larger scale Llandovery Prep School production, from ‘treading the boards’ to managing the lighting or decorating the stage everyone is encouraged to play their part in the dramatic arts in Llandovery Prep.



At Llandovery Prep we encourage the love and enjoyment of art and pupils are encouraged to express their creativity through art and design. Whether our children are drawing, modelling, building or painting they will gain experience of a variety of resources, tools and methods. Older pupils are taught under supervision to use tools and design skills to make functional pieces of work.

The curriculum is designed to inspire and invigorate children to express themselves in a range of mediums. There is a Welsh theme running through many of the activities and we use the Cwricwlwm Cymreig to foster a love of local and national culture and the immediate environment.