Moments of quiet reflection and the consideration of the possibility of a spiritual dimension to the human experience is a vital component of any worthwhile educational process. Llandovery College is a Christian foundation that promotes the spiritual and moral development of all within its community through a culture of tolerance, respect and understanding.

Weekly Chapel services, in our on-site Chapel and led by the College Chaplain, provide formal and communal Christian worship, music and Liturgy feature strongly in our worship and an active Christian Union offers a more relaxed arena for developing ideas and exploring faith. Religious Studies, within the classroom setting, aims to give pupils a grounding in Christian belief and an understanding and appreciation of the variety of faith and denomination. The Chaplain makes a vital contribution to our pastoral care, providing a reassuring presence within the College and regularly speaks with pupils to offer communion or just a gentle word of support and encouragement.

At Llandovery College all individuals, those of faith and those not of faith, are treated equally and with respect.